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How to choose safety glass?


Picking glass is also an important step in the renovation process. Different types of glass need to be installed in different areas. How much do you know about the selection criteria for different types of glass?

First, the selection criteria for tempered glass

The selection criteria for tempered glass can be referred to the following five aspects:

1, curvature
The curvature of the flat tempered glass shall not exceed 0.5% in the bow shape and shall not exceed 0.3% in the waveform.

2, impact resistance
Six tempered glass samples were taken for testing. The number of damaged samples was not more than one, and more than or equal to three were unqualified. When the number of damage is 2, another 6 pieces are taken for testing, and all 6 pieces must not be destroyed as qualified.

3, the state of debris
Take 4 pieces of tempered glass samples for testing. The number of pieces in each 50mm × 50mm area must exceed 40, and a small number of long strips are allowed. The length is not more than 75mm, and the end is not knife-shaped. Long strips extending to the edge of the glass form an angle of no more than 45° to the edge

4, the impact performance of the bullet bag
Taking four flat tempered glass samples for testing must meet the requirements of any of the following.

When the glass is broken, the sum of the masses of the maximum 10 pieces of each sample shall not exceed 650 mm when the mass of the mass of the sample is 65 m2, and the sample does not break.

5, bending measurement
A flat tempered glass product is used as a sample. The sample is placed vertically, and the ruler is placed horizontally against the surface of the sample for measurement. The arc is expressed as a percentage of the ratio of the height of the arc to the length of the string. In the case of a waveform, the height from the trough to the peak is expressed as a percentage of the ratio of the peak to the peak () or the distance from the trough to the trough).

Second, the selection criteria for laminated glass

Laminated glass shall be placed at a height of 1200mm from the surface of the sample. The impact point shall be located in a circle with a radius of 25mm centered on the geometric center of the sample, and one piece of glass shall be observed. One or more states at the time of destruction. The first thing to look at is the manufacturer's product description, and the test results of the product. If you can further choose from thickness specifications that meet current specifications and standards, please refer to the following basic principles.

1. Under normal circumstances, the performance of thicker laminated glass will be better than thinner;
2. Two laminated glass of the same thickness, the number of layers is better than the number of layers;
3. The impact resistance of the laminated glass will increase in quantity.
4. Laminated glass made of heat-reinforced glass has better impact resistance than ordinary annealed glass and tempered glass; the last thing to consider is the weight and area of ​​the glass.