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What kind of glass is used on the glass plank road to make people feel at ease?


As a building material, glass has been used more and more in flooring, stairs, sightseeing planks, etc. in recent years to meet people's requirements for architectural aesthetics and pursuit of individuality and excitement. .
The application of such glass products in many famous scenic spots and buildings at home and abroad has also shown a trend of blooming everywhere in recent years. However, the glass used in the above-mentioned places must consider the safety of long-term use, such as the ability to resist static and static loads, and resistance. Impact performance and other aspects of performance.
At present, the glass of the glass pavement is generally made of double-layer tempered laminated glass, and the double-layer tempered laminated glass refers to the combination of glass tempering and laminated glass. After the glass tempering, further safety treatment is carried out to glue the two pieces of glass. combine together. This is not only the glass's anti-shock and anti-shock ability is greatly improved, and even if there is a problem, the fragmentation will not be directly broken like ordinary glass, but a large piece of debris will continue to play a protective role in the lower layer. .
I still remember a foreign reinforced glass advertisement: "Break it! You can take away $3 million. Once the advertisement is released, it will usher in a craze for the whole people." In the end, no one succeeded. If the glass used on the glass path can be so confident, visitors can enjoy it without any worries.