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Three type glass for building a sun room


For the choice of sun room glass, the top surface must use double/multi-layer laminated tempered glass, and the double-layer/multi-layer hollow tempered glass for the façade. For those who have requirements for UV insulation, Low-E glass can be added. . These three types of glass used in the construction of the sun room have their unique advantages, and reasonable use can make the sun room a perfect place to live.

Insulating glass: thermal insulation, soundproof sealing, anti-condensation

It can be said that the insulating glass is the most functional glass among the three types of glass. Use it to build a sun room façade, which can make the sun room a quiet private space. It is warm in winter and cool in summer, and it is kept at a constant temperature. The three-layer hollow tempered glass has stronger sound insulation performance than the double-layer hollow tempered glass, and the corresponding heat insulation performance has also been greatly improved.

Laminated glass: safe and resistant to smashing, resistant to pressure, cracking and slag

Why do you need to use laminated glass on the top of the sun room? In fact, it is mainly for the safety of the sun room, but also gave the owners a reassurance. The light is broken and the slag is not slag.

Low-E glass: heat-insulating sunscreen, UV protection

In fact, Low-E glass is coated with a film with heat-insulating and sun-proof properties on the glass, which has a good energy-saving effect and can change the appearance color to match the building.

Sunshine room to build three common glass advantages I believe everyone knows, to build a sunny room to live in peace of mind, the temperature is appropriate, but also need to carry out reasonable ventilation and sunshade design, in order to perfectly cope with summer and winter temperature changes.