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About Glass Curtain Wall


What is a heat reflective glass?
Heat-reflective glass is what is commonly referred to as coated glass and is usually plated with 1-3 coats of glass. The heat-reflecting glass has a shading coefficient of SC=0.2-0.6.

What is the characteristic of heat reflecting glass?
Ideal for visible light transmission and reflectance, multiple reflected hues, low solar energy gain, and ideal shading coefficient.

What is the application of one-way transparent glass?
It is mainly used for concealed observation windows, and it is coated on transparent glass or tinted glass using vacuum magnetron sputtering equipment. The film surface must be directed towards the brightly observed room of the light source, and an appropriate illuminance ratio must be created in order to achieve the desired effect.

What is the control range of the probability of breaking?
Theoretically controlled within 3% (free breakage rate). Due to market changes, it is no longer possible.

What kind of color does the coated glass have?
CSG's coated glass is available in grey, silver grey, blue grey, brown, gold, yellow, basket color, green, blue-green, pure gold, purple, rose red, and neutral colors.

What is explosion-proof glass?
Explosion-proof glass is a kind of glass that can prevent bombs and other explosives from harming the human body. It is mainly used in high-pressure vessel observation holes, medical hyperbaric oxygen chambers, high-pressure laboratories, mine blasting and warfare forward position command posts. Its structure and performance can be designed according to the size of the explosive force, the characteristics of the materials used and the methods of enhancement, etc. to achieve maximum protection of personal safety. The structure of explosion-proof glass is similar to that of bullet-proof glass, but its effective use area is often Larger than bulletproof glass, performance requirements are more demanding.

What is spray engraving, stained glass?
Jet-sculpting glass and stained glass are decorative products that integrate art and technology. Jet-engraving glass has plane engraving and three-dimensional engraving. Various patterns of flowers, birds, landscapes and other patterns can be carved on the surface of glass and can be made into bright flowers. The base of the hairy bottom and the rough hair. It is used to make glass furniture, handicraft partitions, screens, murals and other products, which can create a crystal clear atmosphere for interior decoration. It is an excellent material for hotel restaurant and home decoration. At the same time, it can also be made into a large pendant lamp. Stained glass is also a kind of decorative glass. It draws various patterns on the plane of transparent glass, and is painted with various colors. Can bring out the bright and colorful ornaments of the internal structure of the building.