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Insulated Glass With Metal Frame

Glass Thickness: 4mm , 5mm , 6mm , 8mm ,
                              10mm , 12mm , 15mm , 19mm
Aluminum Size: 4A , 5A , 6A ,9A , 12A, 16A, 18A,
                            20A , 23A ,27A etc. (A=mm)
Max Size: 3300mm*6000mm
Min Size: 300mm*300mm

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Name Insulated Glass With Metal Frame
Producer Anhui Weihao Special Glass Co.,Ltd
Samples Free ;  2 days for Preparing
Glass Types Tempered Low -e glass / Reflective glass, etc.
Glass Color Green , blue, grey , ect..
Glass Thickness 4mm , 5mm , 6mm , 8mm , 10mm , 12mm , 15mm , 19mm
Aluminum Size 4A , 5A , 6A ,9A , 12A, 16A, 18A,20A , 23A ,27A etc. (A=mm)
Product Size Customized Min.300mm*300mm Max. 3300mm*6000mm
Shape Curved , Flat , Irregular Shape (Drawing required )
Holes Yes (Drawing required ) No
Gas Filler Yes (Argon or other inert gases) Vacuum
Certificate CE CCC ISO9001 IAF CNAS
Quality producing standard 1. EN 1279-5
2. AS/NZS 4666
3. ASTM E2190
Inspection Procedure inspection by particular equipment after each step
MOQ 200 Square meter
Payment Term T/T L/C D/P O/A Paypal Money Gram
Deliver Time Commonly in10-15 days after deposit , Depends on Contract quantity.
Warranty 15 years
Standard insulated glass thickness (Glass+Aluminum spacer+Glass)/mm
Item Glass thick Product parameter(mm)
Double/triple wall insulated glass             4mm 4+4A+4 4+5A+4 4+6A+4 4+7A+4
5mm 5+6A+5 5+7A+5 5+8A+5 5+9A+5
6mm 6+6A+6 6+7A+6 6+8A+6 6+9A+6
8mm 8+6A+8 8+7A+8 8+8A+8 8+9A+8
10mm 10+6A+10 10+9A+10 10+12A+10 10+16A+10
12mm 12+9A+12 12+12A+12 12+16A+12 12+18A+12
15mm 15+9A+15 15+12A+15 15+16A+15 15+18A+15
19mm 19+9A+19 19+12A+19 19+16A+19 19+8A+19
Aluminum spacer thickness 4mm、5mm、5.5mm、6mm、6.5mm、7mm、8mm、8.5mm、9mm、10mm、11mm、11.5mm、12mm、14mm、14.5mm、15mm、16mm、17mm、18mm、19mm、20mm、21mm、25mm
Remark For other thickness , producing according to customer’s requirements


Curtain wall, facade,Roof, window, skylights, sunshine house, greenhouse etc.



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